Phase 1 ESAs

Feedback From Satisfied Clients

“The summary report was extremely helpful and presented in an exemplary format. The final report was well prepared and thought out. It provided us with easy to read facts which allowed me to make a more intelligent decision on our business deal. Your company has become the barometer for other Phase 1 projects to be measured. The acquisition attorneys were also impressed and it is obvious that this was not the first Phase 1 assessment to cross their desk.” …

Angus DeWalt, Manager of Regulatory Affairs, Walco International Inc.

“I want to let you know that I’ve been very impressed with your whole process. I think you’ve got something that definitely sets you apart from the other firms. I look forward to working with you in the near future.”

Tria L. Bullard, Columbia River Bank

ECA writes comprehensive unpadded reports. It’s impossible to ADEQUATELY follow ASTM / AAI protocol and produce skimpy reports. However, be aware of “thick” reports that contain unnecessary pages (padding) with little, if any, substantive content. Additionally, the popular reports written via the Parcel” templates appear to lack the customized site-specific information found in our customized Phase 1 reports. Some consultants do not provide specific media sampling (soil testing and/or water testing) recommendations for those occasional properties that require further (Phase 2) environmental assessment work. When necessary, ECA will recommend specific sampling protocols, so that you will know EXACTLY what needs to be done to properly assess the RECs (liabilities) at your property, allowing you to intelligently bid the Phase 2 work and secure the most cost-effective solution to your problem.

ECA always determines the Property’s regulatory status, to avoid recommending unnecessary Phase 2 work.

We perform Phase 1 ESAs nationwide and have worked in the following locations:

Arkansas Mississippi West Virginia
Alaska Montana Guam (US Territory)
California New Mexico
Colorado Oklahoma
Delaware Oregon
Idaho Tennessee
Illinois Texas
Indiana Utah
Missouri Washington