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January 18, 2019

The instructor for this course is
Mr. Brett D. Smith, PE
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ECA provides Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) training, in accordance with the EPA-administered Spill Regulation 40CFR112.7(f) for SPCC Plan holders for commercial, agricultural, retail and industrial facilities throughout the United States.

This workshop is being held in Boise, Idaho, which Forbes has rated the 2nd best place in America to raise a family!


What past attendees are saying ...

The course did a great job of covering SPCC from start to finish in an organized and step by step fashion. It is a great introduction for someone that knows nothing about SPCC and also a great refresher for anyone that works in SPCC daily.
Sam with Midas Gold

I liked how you allowed questions on the topics as they came up, rather than trying to remember to ask the question later. That allowed for better comprehension of the answers. Becky with Coleman Oil Company

Your course is very structured. I like how you engaged attendees to share his/her experience.
Vivien with the North Wind Group


Overview of the SPCC Rule (40CFR112)
Applicability and Jurisdiction
Qualified Facilities and Tier 1 / Tier 2 self-certified SPCC Plans
Determination of Impracticability and Environmental Equivalence
Facility Diagrams
Tank Inspections
Contingency Plans, Facility Response Plans and Integrated Contingency Plans
Economical facility-specific Security Measures
Easily incorporating Technical Amendments into your SPCC Plan
SPCC Guidance for EPA Inspectors document and SPCC Inspection Checklists
Best Management Practices

This course also addresses the following often overlooked and misunderstood topics:

SPCC Compliance - do I really NEED an SPCC Plan (see below)?
(learn how to use
ECA's proprietary Excel-based SPCC Compliance Worksheet)
5-year Plan Reviews - don't always require a Professional Engineer (PE).
Category 1, 2 and 3 tanks - Category 1 tanks typically cost less to maintain!
Tank Inspection MYTHS - don't pay for unnecessary work!
Secondary Containment (SC) OPTIONS - do I need sized or general SC?
Sized SC OPTIONS - your soil floor may be "sufficiently impervious".
Loading / Unloading Areas - do I need general or sized SC?
Parked tanker trucks - do I need general or sized SC?
Dedicated, always-empty portable tank storage areas - is SC required?
Spill Predictions - EPA inspectors DO look for them in the Plan!
Multi-facility SPCC Plans - can reduce your Plan-preparation costs.

OVERVIEW of the SPCC Compliance Training™ workshop
This one day course provides the training to facility and Environmental Compliance managers, oil-handling personnel and others who have been deemed responsible for effectively implementing your facility's Spill Prevention, Control and Countermeasure (SPCC) Plan. As stated in 40CFR112.7(f)(1), "At a minimum, train your oil-handling personnel ... (regarding) applicable pollution control laws, rules and regulations ...and the contents of the facility SPCC Plan." Additionally, 40CFR112.7(f)(3) states "Schedule and conduct discharge prevention briefings for your oil-handling personnel at least once a year, to assure adequate understanding of the SPCC Plan for that facility."

During this course, we simplify the SPCC Rule, which many perceive as too complicated and confusing to understand. The Course Binder includes pertinent, supportive information that enhances the classroom experience. We encourage bringing a copy of your SPCC Plan (Plan), so that we can identify deficiencies that an EPA Inspector might discover during their visit to your facility. The Course Binder includes the latest (2013) SPCC Guidance for EPA Inspectors and the SPCC Inspection Checklists, that will guide our discussion on topics that are often overlooked when developing an effective Plan. To mix things up, we'll have several Break Out Sessions, to identify any deficiencies in your Plan.

VALUE-ADD - An informative presentation by a Spill Response / Hazardous Waste disposal firm who typically helps you when there's a spill that overwhelms the Facility Response Team.

8:30 am to 5:00 pm
, with registration from 8:00 am to 8:30 am

CLASS ENVIRONMENT regarding the SPCC Compliance Training™ workshop
Because we've never enjoyed being on the receiving end of seemingly endless instructor-based monologues, we present this course in a RELAXED and INFORMAL manner and ENCOURAGE ongoing questions and discussion! If it gets too lively, we'll defer questions to the 60-minute Q&A Session that occurs at the end of the day.

There will be regular breaks, to allow you to stretch your legs and attend to business and personal matters.

Coffee / other drinks / snacks will be available throughout the day.

You'll have access to the instructor (even after the workshop, as needed) for assistance with identified Plan deficiencies.

LEARNING OBJECTIVES of the SPCC Compliance Training™ workshop

  • To understand your SPCC Plan and HOW to use it to achieve compliance with the EPA and insurance providers.

  • To learn how to develop and maintain effective and economical Secondary Containment systems

  • To learn how to conduct effective and economical Tank Intergrity Inspections.

  • To learn how to implement effective and economical BMPs most pertinent to your facility.

WII FM? ("what's in it for me?") regarding the SPCC Compliance Training™ workshop

  • Fulfills the annual training requirement of 40CFR112.7(f) and often reduces your facility's insurance costs.

  • Fulfills the first annual training requirement and enables YOU (if so inclined) to conduct your OWN annual SPCC compliance training for key facility personnel.

  • Provides you with a Course Binder that contains a hardcopy of slideshow (w/ room for notes), along with several appendices that contain useful supporting information.

  • Provides you with a FREE flash drive that contains:
    - A FREE SPCC Compliance Analysis of 2 sites, using our proprietary Excel-based SPCC Compliance Worksheet
    - A copy of the most recent (2013) SPCC Guidance for EPA Inspectors
    - Several comprehensive SPCC Plan templates (w/ appendices) written by
    - Tier 1 (EPA) and Tier 2 (CalCUPA) SPCC Plan templates
    - An Oil Spill Contingency Plan template (EPA)
    - A Facility Response Plan template (EPA)
    - An Integrated Contingency Plan template (EHS)
    - Miscellanous additional useful SPCC-related documents
    - Approximately 4 GB of unused memory for other stuff!

  • Provides you with 8 Professional Development Hour (PDH) credits. A Completion Certificate is provided upon successful attendance at the course. This course has been approved by the PE Boards for Idaho, Nevada and Oregon.
    There is NO QUIZ!

WHO SHOULD ATTEND the SPCC Compliance Training™ workshop
The Facility Spill Response Team listed in your SPCC Plan
Key oil-handling personnel who utilize your SPCC Plan
Facility and Environmental Compliance managers, oil-handling and other key personnel
Facility Environmental Engineers and preferably the PE who wrote your SPCC Plan
Facility Environmental Attorneys
Non-facility Environmental Engineers (PEs) who wish to write better SPCC Plans for their facilities


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